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1st World Brass Day - Sept. 23, 2017

Music inspires - for our World in Harmony

Let us set a common sign!



The World Brass Association will celebrate with all partners & brass friends around the world the 1st. World Brass Day 2017. Following our motto Music inspires - for our World in Harmony, all partners, old and new friends will make music on this day all around the globe, to set a sign for harmony. Music crosses borders, cultures and language barriers and helps to establish harmony and cooperation - two of the most important values we need in our time.

Come join us!


Who can join:

Everybody who loves music and can make it!

For all brass players, ensembles, bands, orchestras etc. our partners Obrasso Verlag, Switzerland and Strube Verlag, Germany prepared arrangements, that can be downloaded for free.



The Music of the 1st. World Brass Day:

The Official Melody of the 1st WORLD BRASS DAY 2017 is

Tylman Susato: BASSE DANSE „La Mourisqua“.

In addition we would like to get to know more about your countries and cultures with pieces and songs that you can choose yourself.


How to join:

  1. Register here
  2. Download your arrangement of the Tylman Susato: BASSE DANSE „La Mourisqua“. If you cannot find a suitable version for your instruments, please feel free to make your own arrangement.
  3. Make a video recording of your performance of the Tylman Susato: BASSE DANSE „La Mourisqua“ (max. 3 min.).
  4. Make a video recording of your performance of the piece, song etc. that you chose to present your country and your culture (max. 3 min.).
  5. Upload your two videos to your youtube channel and write the following keyword in the titel: Worldbrassday2017. Your video will automatically be added  to the official playlist of the World Brass Day. View official Worldbrassday2017 playlist:
  6. Share your preparation experiences with us on facebook with your post on
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